Industrial Design Partitions

Available in single or double glazed, our highly popular industrial design glass wall partition system looks fantastic in offices, domestic spaces, restaurants and leisure environments.

The single glazed option will let you create elegant private rooms within any space, letting natural light flood into the area whilst giving a nod towards the industrial era with face applied aluminium powder coated transom and mullion bars on both skins of the fixed glass and glass door

The double glazed option will offer the same functions as above whilst still giving a nod towards the industrial era with face applied aluminium powder coated transom and mullion bars on both skins of the exterior fixed glass and glass door.

Within this system we can offer a fully framed 44mm single glazed or flush double glazed door with the same industrial design face applied transoms and mullions as well as RAL colour coded ironmongery and fittings to give you any look you require.

Our INDUSTRIAL DESIGN systems still uses our ultra slim aluminium perimeter channel to create a stunning minimalist appearance whilst incorporating the aluminium powder coated face applied transoms and mullions. This can be further enhanced by using our black I-Line joints.

A wide range of door options, handles and accessories allow you to personalise your glass wall. Frameless glass pivot doors continue the minimalist theme for a striking appearance, whilst still using the face applied transoms and mullions. Framed and sliding doors may also be chosen. The layout of transoms and mullions in most case is limitless, we can offer you a full elevation drawing to show you exactly how the partition will look before we install.

Glass Walls and Doors has being installing this industrial style partition for years, with highly experienced, installers and designers just a phone call away to assist you right from concept stage to the final installation.

Whether you need a short run of glass wall to create a beautiful space at home, or partitioning for a full suite of offices for your business, we always start with a full, professional site survey and design assistance as well as offering physical samples, section details and elevation drawings to give a clear view of what we can offer

We work in London, Manchester, Leeds, Sheffield, Glasgow, Edinburgh, and everywhere else throughout the UK, delivering high quality glass wall solutions.

Our price always include the survey plus all materials and installation, so no hidden costs.




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Our clients can be found in nearly every major city and town, including the likes of London, Bristol, Cardiff, Birmingham, Nottingham, Sheffield, Manchester, Leeds, Liverpool, Newcastle, Glasgow and Edinburgh, meaning that we offer unbeatable prices and services throughout the UK.

Although many interior contractors offer a wide range of micro services for their clients, Glass Walls and Doors specialises in providing only high quality glass partitions. This means that we are able to provide a dedicated, expert service that takes pride in offering the highest quality products in the industry.


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