Faceted Glass Partitions

Sometimes a curved glass partition wall would be the perfect finish to your office or environment.

But making glass curved is more expensive and may take the job beyond your available budget.

There is now a solution that can give you the illusion of a sweeping, gracefully curved wall at a fraction of the cost – faceted glass partitioning!

Instead of shaping the profile and bending the glass, we join together standard components into multiple faceted straight sections that appears to curve, without the higher price tag of the real thing.

The result is stunning and creates an attractive, curving angular feature in its own right.


So, you still achieve the desired effect of gentle curves, but more importantly you can do so on a budget.

Faceted glass partitioning is a little more expensive than straight glass wall, as it takes more time to install the head and base track, the glass requires extra cuts and our craftsmen fitters need longer to fit the whole system together.

But for a little extra cost, the finished appearance offers significantly more visual impact more than straight partitions.

Faceted glass partitions are suitable for virtually any application where you want to make your mark.

From offices and receptions, to boardrooms and meeting areas, it is the perfect cost effective alternative to curved glass.

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