Acoustic Double Glazed Partitions

Acoustic double glazed partitioning is the ultimate system for sound privacy at competitive prices.

With acoustic performance of up to 48dB (Rw), our top of the range double glazed glass wall is perfect for environments where sound reduction is paramount, whether for confidentiality and security, or simply for calm and tranquility when other people are working in adjacent spaces.

Glazed with either 10mm toughened and 12.8mm laminated acoustic glass (up to 2700mm high) or 12mm toughened and 12.8mm laminated acoustic glass (over 2700mm high), our high performance glass wall looks as good as it performs.

Ultra slim profile perimeter channels provide strength and a minimalist appearance to our acoustic double glazed partitioning.

A choice of translucent mullion posts or slimline internal aluminium posts ensure that light floods into the space whilst keeping noise at bay and conversations private.

Our market leading double glazed door is fitted as standard, completing the stunning clean lines of the system.

If optimum visual privacy is also required, our double glazed glass wall can also be fitted with internal blinds.

Our acoustic double glazed partitioning can be installed in your project from Lands End to John O’Groats.

We work in every town and city in England, Scotland and Wales. We guarantee the same high quality materials plus care and attention in our installation, no matter how large or small the project may be.

Give our friendly and knowledgeable staff a call today, and remember – the price you see is the price you pay, subject to our full and thorough professional survey.




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How we work

  • 1. Plan your design

    If you don’t have a layout drawing, make a simple plan sketch of the partitioning you would like, making a note of the dimensions including height(s).

  • 2. Break into simple blocks

    Use our complex design guide shown and consider how your plan may be broken down into more simple layouts. Most designs can be ‘built’ using the wide variety of layout options we offer.

  • 3. Use the quote calculator

    Enter details of the simplified layouts into our online calculator and add each one to the basket to get an overall estimate. When completed, fill in your details and send it to us.

  • 4. Review our quotation

    We will use your information to create an accurate estimate. This can be lower than the online price as duplication is removed. We send you a simple layout drawing to visualise what we are offering. If all is OK, just contact us to place an order and arrange a professional survey.

  • 5. Need help? Give us a call

    If you have any problems, we are happy to chat them through on the phone so that we can help you put together a price. Contact us today!

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Although many interior contractors offer a wide range of micro services for their clients, Glass Walls and Doors specialises in providing only high quality glass partitions. This means that we are able to provide a dedicated, expert service that takes pride in offering the highest quality products in the industry.


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