Frameless Glass Doors

Frameless glass pivot doors are our most popular door option, offering an elegant and sleek appearance.

This is the perfect way to put the finishing touch to your new glass wall, creating stunning office partitioning.

Frameless glass pivot doors allow light to flood into the workspace created by the glass wall partition, forming a seamless vista of glass without intrusive door frames.

All of our frameless glass pivot doors are designed as standard to be full height within the glass wall system in which they are installed.

This results in an upmarket, luxurious and contemporary appearance. Alternatively, standard height doors with fixed over panels can be supplied on request.

To complement our frameless glass pivot doors we have a wide range of ironmongery and accessories.

Our glass doors are supplied as standard with 300mm ‘D’ style pull handles in satin stainless steel finish.

Options include 600mm ‘D’ pull handles and various length Manet style handles.

All can be specified with a matching centre lock or corner patch locks.

For improved privacy and security, lever/latch and lock handle sets can be selected.

All of our frameless glass pivot doors can be supplied with eye-catching manifestation.

This complies with Part K & M of the Building Regulations, but can also be used to identify meeting rooms or other areas of an office.

The use of colour, graphical icons or inclusion of text in the frosted window film that is applied can provide attractive definition of any space.

This is only limited by your imagination.


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Our clients can be found in nearly every major city and town, including the likes of London, Bristol, Cardiff, Birmingham, Nottingham, Sheffield, Manchester, Leeds, Liverpool, Newcastle, Glasgow and Edinburgh, meaning that we offer unbeatable prices and services throughout the UK.

Although many interior contractors offer a wide range of micro services for their clients, Glass Walls and Doors specialises in providing only high quality glass partitions. This means that we are able to provide a dedicated, expert service that takes pride in offering the highest quality products in the industry.

How we work

  • 1. Plan your design

    If you don’t have a layout drawing, make a simple plan sketch of the partitioning you would like, making a note of the dimensions including height(s).

  • 2. Break into simple blocks

    Use our complex design guide shown right and consider how your plan may be broken down into more simple layouts. Most designs can be ‘built’ using the wide variety of layout options we offer.

  • 3. Use the quote calculator

    Enter details of the simplified layouts into our online calculator and add each one to the basket to get an overall estimate. When completed, fill in your details, attach a sketch plus any comments and send it to us.

  • 4. Review our quotation

    We will use your information to create an accurate estimate. This can be lower than the online price as duplication is removed. We send you a simple layout drawing to visualise what we are offering. If all is OK, just contact us to place an order and arrange a professional survey.

  • 5. Need help? Give us a call

    If you have any problems, we are happy to chat them through on the phone so that we can help you put together a price. Call us on 0330 058 0841.


Product information

  • What are your partitions made from?

  • We use toughened and/or laminated glass of different thicknesses depending on the height, acoustic performance and system type (single or double glazed). This is detailed in the specification summary. The glass is fitted into an ultra slim track profile, which is manufactured from extruded aluminium.


  • What colour is the track profile?

  • As standard we offer the profile in RAL 9006 (Silver) and RAL 9010 (White). These are the most popular colours and are held in stock. However, you can have the profile finished in any RAL colour, to suit the interior design or corporate branding. Depending on the colour and quantity, this may increase the lead time and/or attract a small extra cost.


  • Which type of partition system should I choose?

  • That all depends on what you need your new glass wall to do. Our most popular system is the frameless single glazed as it provides a stunning yet low cost, minimalist solution. If you need better sound privacy or a more substantial luxury appearance we offer double glazed systems.The acoustic single and double glazed options look identical to their standard counterparts, but use glass that also provides better sound insulation. If you are uncertain what you need, give us a call. We would love to chat through your project – because we love glass walls!


  • Are your systems fire rated?

  • No, the partitioning systems we offer online are not fire-rated as standard. Fire-rating is a complex subject, requiring an assessment by your local building control officer or a specialist. If you are looking for fire rated glass partition walls, visit our Fire Glass Walls and Doors website for more details.


  • Why do you offer so many types of doors?

  • Different doors may be chosen for a number of reasons. It could be for their sleek, frameless appearance, or perhaps improved sound privacy. If space is at a premium, a sliding door may be more suitable. Take a look at the FAQs about different door types or give us a call.


  • What is a Frameless Glass Door?

  • Our best selling door, this does exactly “what it says on the tin”. The door is a sheet of glass with no surrounding frame. Visually this is very unobtrusive, providing an uninterrupted line of glass. The only things you see are the small pivots and handles. There is is a narrow gap around the door perimeter for clearance. This means that it looks stunning. It does mean, however that sound insulation is reduced.


  • What is a Framed Glass Door?

  • For improved conversation privacy, doors can be placed within a slimline aluminium door frame. We offer single glazed and, for even better sound insulation double glazed. Double glazed are slightly more intrusive in the space but offer outstanding acoustic performance. Our double glazed doors also have a unique narrow border frit into which all locks and handles are mounted – so no ugly lock box intrusions. It is an outstanding door.


  • What are Manet & Trojan doors?

  • Where space is at a premium, sliding doors offer an ingenious solution as they slide along the wall. Manet and Trojan are alternative styles of sliding doors. Trojan doors are the lower cost option, mounted on a slim, almost concealed ceiling mounted track. Manet is a more expensive option but has a real architectural wow factor. The door slides along an attractive satin steel rail mounted on the glass wall at 2100mm high. Both types need to have additional bracing at ceiling level (by others) to support the additional weight of the doors.


  • What is Manifestation and why is it needed?

  • Manifestation is the technical name given to the window film that you see applied to glass walls and doors. This is usually simple opal frosted film but can be sophisticated designs with colours or even photographic images. Often it is used to introduce company logos or corporate branding.Manifestation is a legal requirement covered by the Building Regulations Document K. It is used to clearly mark what would otherwise be “invisible” walls, and prevent injuries caused by walking into the glass. The minimum requirement is two rows of dots, squares or stripes. We include this as default in all our prices, but give you the option to be creative with other options. You can even choose to not have our manifestation, but it is then your responsibility to comply with the law. Read more about Document K here ( website).


  • Is there a choice of doors handles?

  • Yes, we offer you the opportunity to customise your new glass wall. All our doors are quoted as standard with 300mm long satin stainless steel “D” type pull handles. The only exception is the double glazed door which is upgraded to lever/latch and lock handles as standard. Most doors have a number of alternative options including:
  • – 600mm “D” pull handles
  • – 720mm Manet style pull handles
  • – 1240mm Manet style pull handles
  • – 1760mm Manet style pull handles
  • – Lever/latch and lock handles


  • Do you offer any other door accessories?

  • Yes, depending on what type of door and then the type of ironmongery (handles) you have selected, you may be provided with a choice of additional accessories. This includes:
  • – Centre patch lock and strike box;
  • – Corner patch lock and strike box
  • – Automatic drop down threshold seal, for double glazed door;
  • – Floor mounted spring door closer, for double glazed door;


  • Our powerful website is smart and will only let you choose handles and accessories that will work with your door and then with your choice of ironmongery – so you can’t make a mistake.

Placing an order

  • How do I place an order?

  • Placing an order is really easy. Once you have added everything you need into the basket and are happy with the price, just click the checkout button. Fill in all the billing and installation address fields and review your order before submitting it. We do NOT ask for any payment at this stage. We will then contact you to check all your details. Only then will we ask for a small deposit – £150 + VAT. If you prefer, you can request a detailed formal quotation first. We aim to return your quote within 1 working day. Once you have received this and are ready to proceed, simply contact us to place your order. Again, we only ask for a small deposit first.


  • Why do you only ask for a deposit first?

  • The deposit of £150 + VAT covers the cost of us carrying out a full professional survey. We do not ask for any payment until we have contacted you to check all your details. Accurately measuring for a glass wall is tricky and there may be other factors that will affect the installation. So we do not leave things to chance – we always carry out a full survey before manufacturing the partition and cutting glass! We NEVER cut glass to the dimensions you supply online. Glass is an expensive, unforgiving material and cutting to the wrong size can be very costly. The survey means that WE take responsibility for glass measurements, giving you complete peace of mind and ensuring that there are no nasty surprises or hidden costs.


  • Do you have a minimum order value?

  • Yes, if you are placing your order online, we have a minimum order value of £1500 + VAT and the Checkout button is not displayed on the basket page. If your total order is lower than this, don’t worry. Simply use the Request a Formal Quote button, fill in your details and submit your request. We will be back in touch by return to confirm your quotation request and then contact you to discuss your requirements in detail. A small order charge may apply.


  • What if I change my mind after the survey?

  • Most of the time the price remains the same when we re-confirm after the survey, or is lower than the original online price. But occasionally we may have to revise the quote up, due to circumstances we discover when we are on site such as obstructions, a requirement to shape the glass or simply the final measurements. If this is the case and you wish to cancel your order for this, or indeed any other reason, you can. Your order will be cancelled and you will not incur any further charges. However, the deposit already paid is non-refundable as it covers the costs of our survey.


  • What are the payment terms?

  • Payment is taken in two stages. Stage one is a £150 + VAT deposit when you place your order. Stage two is the remaining balance, which is taken after our professional on site survey. Manufacturing and installation of your new glass wall will not take place until the balance payment is completed.


  • Can I open a credit account?

  • Sorry, but we don’t offer credit accounts. Our aim is to supply and fit high quality glass walls at the most competitive prices on the market. To achieve this and save you money, we are not able to provide credit terms. We DO accept fully authorised purchase orders from public sector organisations. Please contact us for more details.


  • Do you install glass walls for public sector organisations?

  • Yes, we are very happy to accept fully authorised purchase orders from schools, colleges, universities, government departments, local authorities and the NHS – in fact any public sector body. We have installed projects for the public sector up and down the country. Give us a call for more details and to discuss your requirements.


  • Do you accept orders from anybody?

  • In short, YES. We install glass walls and manifestation for business owners & managers, end users, the public sector, facility managers, and small to medium sized builders and contractors to name but a few. We can also supply and fit for main contractors. Our terms of business are the same for everybody – payment followed by survey and installation. This is to ensure that we can continue to offer the most competitive prices to everyone, without having to factor in the additional costs associated with extended credit terms, retentions or penalty clauses.


  • When I place my order, do you manufacture to the dimensions I enter online?

  • Most definitely NOT. We NEVER manufacture to your dimensions. We ALWAYS carry out a full, professional survey, during which we take our own measurements. After this, we re-confirm your price and when you are happy to proceed we manufacture to OUR DIMENSIONS. We take responsibility for getting this right!


  • How long after placing my order will I have my new glass wall?

  • Firstly we organise the site survey. Once we have received your deposit payment we normally require 3-5 days notice to visit your site. We then re-confirm the price and if you are happy, manufacture the glass and organise an installation date. This is normally a further 2-3 weeks. So in total, most partitions are completed 3-4 weeks or less after placing your order. Large or complicated projects, or special profile colours and shaped glass may take a little longer. If you need something more quickly, just give our friendly team a call to see if we can help.


Survey & Installation

  • Do you always survey every site?

  • DEFINITELY YES! We want to make sure that all measurements are accurately checked and assess your site for its location and environmental conditions or issues. This can only be done by carrying out a full professional survey. This also safeguards you. Not only do we then take responsibility for glass measurements, but if there are any complications that require an increase in price, you always know before you commit to the installation, without any obligation to continue. Only our deposit of £150 + VAT is non-refundable, as it covers the cost of carrying out the survey.


  • What happens if there are obstructions where the partitions will be installed?

  • The survey will highlight issues such as this. We check the walls, ceilings and floors for obstructions such as pipework, data trunking, air conditioning units, light fittings, alarms and sensors, power trunking, socket outlets and windows. The list is extensive. Often we can suggest workaround methods, such as notching or shaping the glass and/or perimeter track. These methods have a small additional cost which we advise when we re-confirm the price. Sometimes it is better to re-site the obstruction, especially lights, air conditioning and data/power sockets. We do not make any allowance for this work as it should be done by others prior to the installation of the partitioning.


  • Do I have to remove my carpet before you install the glass wall?

  • No, we normally install the perimeter track on the top of any existing floor coverings. Of course, if you prefer you can lift them before we install, but please make sure that you tell us during the survey.


  • I have a suspended ceiling. Does it need to be modified before the partition is installed?

  • No, we normally fit your new glass wall to the underside of standard exposed grid suspended ceilings. Normally, the ceiling only requires modification if Trojan or Manet doors are to be fitted, when additional bracing is required (by others). If you have a non-standard suspended ceiling, please give us a call to discuss your requirements.


  • Do you supply and install solid walls?

  • No, we normally do not do this type of wall or solid partitions. We suggest that kind of work is done by a builder prior to us attending to carry out the site survey. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our friendly technical team for advice.


  • Do my floors and walls need to be level and square?

  • Normally this is not an issue, as most modern buildings are level and square. Sometimes, particularly in older or converted buildings, the floors, walls and ceilings may be out of square. However, don’t worry, we can usually provide a solution. For example, glass can be shaped or raked to fit into the space. Glass walls can look stunning in period buildings, so it is often worth a little extra work. Just give us a call if you think there may be an issue. There may sometimes be a small extra charge but we will always let you know.


  • Can I have my glass wall fitted at the edge of a mezzanine floor?

  • Yes, it is possible to do this, but there are a number of extra requirements within the building regulations that must be followed. This makes it more complex, but we have installed many glass wall partitions in these areas. Just give our technical team a call on 0330 058 0841 – we can discuss what you need and offer you some expert advice.


  • Can you provide freestanding partitions?

  • Yes, in fact an Open Ended Wall is one of our standard layouts. This is fixed to an existing wall at one end and to the ceiling and floor. We can normally also provide fully freestanding partitions that are open at both ends. We have to fix to the ceiling and floor to make the glass wall stable and safe, but we can check this during the site survey to confirm it is possible.

How to pay

  • What methods of payment do you accept?

  • We are pleased to accept payment by bank transfer, or if you prefer you can pay by cheque. Please note that if payment is made by cheque it may take up to 5 working days for the payment to clear. We cannot arrange a site survey or subsequently start manufacturing and organise an installation date until the payment has cleared.


  • Do I pay a deposit?

  • We only ask for payment of a deposit of £150 + VAT. We do this to give you complete peace of mind and remove any risk for you when submitting details online.


  • Can I pay on account?

  • Sorry, but we don’t offer credit accounts. Our aim is to supply and fit high quality glass walls at the most competitive prices on the market. To achieve this and save you money, we are not able to provide credit terms. We do accept fully authorised purchase orders from public sector organisations. Please contact us for more details.


  • Can I pay by credit card?

  • Sorry, but we currently do not offer payment by credit or debit card. Payment can be made by bank transfer or, if preferred, cheque.

After-sales service

  • I have a problem with my new glass wall. What do I do?

  • We want you to be delighted with your new glass wall, so that you will use us again next time and recommend us to everyone you know. So we take great care to make sure we do things right. Very occasionally things may not go to plan, or a problem may become apparent after we have left site.
  • Please be assured that it is our policy to make sure that you are completely satisfied. If you believe that there is a problem, all we ask is that you contact us as soon as you are aware of it.
  • Please call us, but we also request that you provide written notification and email photographs of the issue, so that we can assess it and make plans to rectify the problem. We will then contact you to organise the snagging work to be completed.


  • My new glass wall is scratched. What should I do?

  • We always inspect glass before delivery and again during installation, to ensure that the product is to the quality you would expect. Large sheets of processed glass may sometimes contain very small scratches or minor blemishes by the nature of the product. This is normal and is considered acceptable by the industry body – the Glass and Glazing Federation (GGF) – if they are unobtrusive.
  • You should check the glass as soon as practicably possible following installation. The obtrusiveness of scratches and blemishes is judged by looking through the glass, not at it, under natural light. We would make you aware of the following quality guidelines issued by the GGF, which follow the industry standard visual quality criteria that we and our manufacturers adhere to: “Toughened safety glass shall be deemed acceptable if the following phenomena are neither obtrusive nor bunched: hairlines or blobs; fine scratches not more than 25mm long; minute imbedded particles. Obtrusiveness of blemishes shall be judged by looking through the glass, not at it, when standing at right angles to it on the room side at a distance of not less than 3 metres in natural daylight and not in direct sunlight. The area to be viewed is the normal vision area with the exception of a 50mm wide band around the perimeter of the glass. Pattern ghosting can occur on glasses with a textured finish.”
  • More information can be found on the GGF website. Please follow this link – Remember, we want you to be entirely satisfied with your new glass wall, so please do contact us if you have any concerns.

Refund / Returns

  • How to receive a refund

  • If you would like to receive a refund for one of our products, please contact us via email or call us directly.


  • Circumstances where we offer returns and refunds

  • Refunds are offered if we supply the wrong item / spec for the project. Unfortunately, returns are not accepted for any other scenarios because all items are bespoke made and customers are required to sign off on a drawing before manufacturing begins.


  • Timeframe in which we accept returns

  • As mentioned above, returns are not accepted due to all items being bespoke and customers are required to sign off on a drawing before manufacturing begins.


  • When can I expect a refund?

  • If we have supplied the wrong item we aim to resolve this issue within 7-14 working days.