The systems we offer start from E30 (30 minutes Integrity / 0 minutes Insulation) right up to EI120 (120 minutes Integrity / 120 minutes Insulation).

We offer the following systems, depending on your design requirements and budget: Voestalpine, Forsters and Aluprof.

E30 (30/0)

E30 fire rated glass screens are offering 30 minutes of integrity only and NO insulation.

EI30 (30/30)

EI30 fire rated glass screens are offering 30 minutes of integrity and insulation as well.

E60 (60/0)

E60 fire rated glass screens are offering 60 minutes of integrity only and NO insulation.

EI60 (60/60)

EI60 fire rated glass screens are offering 60 minutes of integrity and insulation as well.


Fire safety is a top priority for any workplace or building that is used by the public. Stringent building regulations are in place to ensure the safety of employees, visitors and members of the general public. If a fire should occur, the building fabric should offer the necessary protection (fire rating) to allow people sufficient time to safety exit the building.


Whether a specific wall should be fire rated – i.e. resist the progress of fire or heat – or not, is a Building Regulations issue. Your local Building Control Officer will be able to advise what the legal requirements are and the level of performance required. Glass Walls and Doors cannot provide advice on this, but we can provide a solution for fire rated screens once you know what you need.

Performance classification of fire ratings is detailed in the the European standard EN357 and consists of two main elements:

Fire Integrity – providing a physical barrier to restrict the progress of fire, hot toxic gasses and smoke from one side of the partition to the other, to help minimise building damage.

Fire Insulation – limiting the transfer of heat from one side of the partition to the other, which could otherwise cause ignition of materials on the non-fire side.

Partitions may be rated for Integrity only (E), or for Integrity and Insulation (EI), with numbers to denote the minutes of protection.


E30 provides 30 minutes of integrity protection. The performance classification may also be expressed as 30/00
EI60 proves 60 minutes integrity and insulation protection. This is often shown as 60/60.

Both elements are designed to protect life as well as the building fabric, providing more time for the building to be safely evacuated. Fire rated partitions and fire screens are therefore most often required along escape routes, corridors or common areas. Advice should be sought from your local Building Control Officer. Once you know the level of performance (fire rating) that is required, please contact us for a quotation.

Our acoustic fire rated partitioning can be installed in your project from Lands End to John O’Groats.

We work in every town and city in England, Scotland and Wales. We guarantee the same high quality materials plus care and attention in our installation, no matter how large or small the project may be.

Give our friendly and knowledgeable staff a call today, and remember – the price you see is the price you pay, subject to our full and thorough professional survey.

firas accredication

We are delighted to announce that Glass Walls and Doors (Symphony Services Ltd t/a) is FIRAS certified for fire rated glass products. Here at Glass Walls and Doors, we have always taken great pride in the high standards of service that we provide to our clients and we have received many 5-star reviews for the quality of our work in supplying and installing glass all around the UK.

FIRAS is a third party certification scheme for companies who install both passive and active fire protection systems. Started in 1994 FIRAS Certification has been instrumental in improving standards of installation of fire protection products and systems. This offers many benefits to the construction industry and clients alike. FIRAS Certificated Installer Companies are subject to ongoing random inspection of their installation work. There is also an annual audit of their office systems by FIRAS Inspectors to ensure that compliance with the Scheme is maintained.

If you require any fire rated glazing, Glass Walls and Doors can offer the best products and services with assurance that what is being offered is correct, safe and certified.


How we work

  • 1. Plan your design

    If you don’t have a layout drawing, make a simple plan sketch of the partitioning you would like, making a note of the dimensions including height(s).

  • 2. Break into simple blocks

    Use our complex design guide shown and consider how your plan may be broken down into more simple layouts. Most designs can be ‘built’ using the wide variety of layout options we offer.

  • 3. Use the quote calculator

    Enter details of the simplified layouts into our online calcuator and add each one to the basket to get an overall estimate. When completed, fill in your details and send it to us.

  • 4. Review our quotation

    We will use your information to create an accurate estimate. This can be lower than the online price as duplication is removed. We send you a simple layout drawing to visualise what we are offering. If all is OK, just contact us to place an order and arrange a professional survey.

  • 5. Need help? Give us a call

    If you have any problems, we are happy to chat them through on the phone so that we can help you put together a price. Contact us today!

We are here for you!



Fire Glass Walls and Doors’ experienced team has been designing, supplying and installing specialist steel and glass systems for many years, with literally thousands of happy clients throughout the UK.

Our suite of systems give us flexibility to help you follow the design you require as well as achieve the most cost effective solution.

All our systems are backed up by extensive testing from Warrtingtonfire – Certifire scheme. Certifire brand is recognized by regulatory authorities worldwide as an internation mark of fire safety across a diverse range of products including steel glazed screens and partitions.

Here at Fire Glass Walls and Doors we aim to offer a one stop shop for fire rated glass requirements, with a vast experience of dealing with fabricators, contractors, architects and small builders we can offer assistance from concept right up to installation with our in house technical and contracting team.

Our aim is to delivery the best and correct product every time:

  • Tested, certified and proven fire rated systems
  • Comprehensive design and technical support
  • Veteran fabricators with years of experience
  • High quality products with flawless finishes
  • In-depth knowledge and experience from our technical team and in house installers
  • Second to none customer service


We are not like the usual interior fit out contractor – we only specialise in glass products. This means that we are expert in our fields, with every one of our craftsmen fitters experienced in creating stunning solutions in glass. Efficient, experienced installation also saves money – and we pass the savings we make onto you! 

So, you benefit from the level of quality that only years of experience can deliver, at the same time as low, low prices to meet your budget.


Our clients can be found in nearly every major city and town, including the likes of London, Bristol, Cardiff, Birmingham, Nottingham, Sheffield, Manchester, Leeds, Liverpool, Newcastle, Glasgow and Edinburgh, meaning that we offer unbeatable prices and services throughout the UK.

Although many interior contractors offer a wide range of micro services for their clients, Glass Walls and Doors specialises in providing only high quality glass partitions. This means that we are able to provide a dedicated, expert service that takes pride in offering the highest quality products in the industry.

gwad map


Quality at competitive prices

We have developed a fresh and exciting new way of working. Everybody is now used to comparing prices and placing orders online, so why not with glass walls too?

We have made this possible by developing this new website, with super intelligent software that generates a price for your partition requirements instantly. As you select the partition type, layout and dimensions the price updates.

Nationwide coverage

We work in London, the South East and throughout mainland England, Scotland and Wales. We have supplied and fitted glass wall partitions for customers in every major town and city, including Bristol, Cardiff, Birmingham, Nottingham, Sheffield, Manchester, Leeds, Liverpool, Newcastle, Glasgow and Edinburgh to name but a few.


Every step of the way we let you know you exactly what we are going to install by listing the specification right from the word go. You are in total control of the price – in fact, you build the partition yourself online using our intelligent pricing tool.

You can instantly see the difference in cost of changing the type of system, layout, door, handles and manifestation. So you can try out the best combination to meet your partitioning requirements – and your budget!


There are no hidden costs and the price includes a full professional survey, delivery AND installation.


firas accredication
chas accredited