Complex Layouts

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Follow our simple guide


Plan your design

If you dont have a layout drawing, make a simple plan sketch of the partitioning you would like, making a note of the dimensions including height(s).


Break into simple blocks

Use our complex design guide shown right and consider how your plan may be broken down into more simple layouts. Most designs can be 'built' using the wide variety of layout options we offer.


Use the online calculator

Enter details of the simplified layouts into our online calculator and add each one to the basket to get an overall estimate. When completed click the Request a Formal Quote button, fill in your details, attach a sketch plus any comments and send it to us.


Review our quotation

We will use your information to create an accurate estimate. This can be lower than the online price as duplication is removed. We send you a simple layout drawing to visualise what we are offering. If all is OK, just contact us to place an order and arrange a professional survey.


Need help? Give us a call

If you have any problems, we are happy to chat them through on the phone so that we can help you put together a price. Call us on 0330 058 0841.


Even complex designs can be made simple

No matter how complicated a design may seem, it can usually be broken down into simple layouts. You will have a price for your brand new glass partitioning in next to no time. Follow our step by step guide and take a look at our example below.

Complex Layouts 


If you dont want to use our online calculator just sketch out your design, take some photos, submit your request and let us work it all out for you.


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