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Single Glazed Partitions

Single glazed partitioning is our most popular glass wall system for office and home, providing a high quality, low cost solution to space division.

acoustic double glazed partitions
Double Glazed Partitions

Double glazed partitioning is the optimum combination of bright and spacious glass walls with excellent acoustic performance.

curved glass partition
Curved Glass Partitions

When you want your new partitioning to be a stunning feature of your interior design, the ultimate solution is a curved glass wall.

faceted glass partition
Faceted Glass Partitions

When you want the appearance of graceful curves without the price tag of curved glass, faceted glass offers the perfect solution.

single glazed partition with timber door
Acoustic Single Glazed Partitions

Acoustic single glazed partitioning is the perfect solution for glass walls that need to provide an improvement in sound privacy but at minimal extra cost.

Acoustic Double Glazed Partitions

Acoustic double glazed partitioning is the ultimate system for sound privacy at competitive prices with acoustic performance of up to 48dB(Rw).

industrial style partition
Industrial Design Partitions

Industrial Design features a stunning black grid pattern detailing that will bring a touch of sophistication.

fire rated screens
Fire Rated Partitions

Achieve full compliance with the building regulations, whilst maintaining the stunning, attractive and spacious appearance of glass wall partitioning.

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